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Street Parking Podcast

Jul 12, 2023

A child in the Preschool Youth age range generally has the attention span, physical and cognitive and emotional growth, and motivation developed to start introducing fitness and wellness-specific activities.

The Preschool Youth age is when kids start to learn how to take turns… but they generally want to be first and focus mostly on themselves and their little world. As they move through these preschool years, they become more willing and excited to try new tasks, are more motivated by playing with their peers, and begin to notice the world around them. Imitation and copying becomes more prevalent, mainly in movement patterns, behaviors, and play. By the end of the preschool age, they want to please friends and adults or coaches and be liked, can follow more simple rules to games, seek independence, can coordinate but also be equally as demanding. They start to understand first and last and turn-taking (and the preferences that go with this), and they know the difference between pretend and real, are beginning to understand time, and so much more.