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Street Parking Podcast

May 13, 2019

Miranda and Julian dive deeper into their lives as parents and learning as they go. Also - the pressures of maintaining and entertaining a social media "audience" when it's a large part of your business.

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Street Parking -...

May 12, 2019

Once again - Miranda and Julian jumped into the office to talk about the week. Baby Knox had a check up and found out he is super duper "perfect and healthy". Miranda got some reinforcement of just how damaging her accident in 2012 was....And Julian? Got some news about a back injury that he didn't know he had. At least...

May 12, 2019

"We don't ALWAYS talk about fitness."

Miranda and Julian Alcaraz are "newlyweds - ish", own a successful business that basically happened on accident, are new parents trying to conceive a second, and former CrossFit Games competitors that feel MANY people in the community need psychological re-hab. In this first episode...