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Street Parking Podcast

Feb 25, 2020

In this day and age, it is so easy to fall off course and get distracted by the next big thing - the big shiny new object. Miranda discusses the importance of staying head strong and focused on your message and belief in this episode. Enjoy!




00:00 - Shiny New Object Syndrome

02:20 - Who are you...

Feb 24, 2020

Tia (Lucy, Knox’s Grandma) is out of town; so Miranda and Julian are taking care of Knox this week. However, life threw another curveball this week with the Alcaraz home being in its complicated stage and the SP website crashing. Tune in to hear the story!




00:00 - Only 9 more weeks!

01:40 - OC Meet...

Feb 24, 2020

What is truly essential? How is it that we live in a world of more convenience than there has ever been, yet we are also busier than we’ve ever been? What if you could remove some of the unnecessary stuff from your life AND not replace it with anything?!

What would you like me to talk about on the show?

Leave me a...

Feb 19, 2020

In this episode, we talk about commitment to your cause no matter how it looks. Sometimes, it won’t always be perfect, but stick to your plan and follow through! Enjoy this episode!



00:00 - MoreThan Nothing

02:00 - Why we’re in Disney

05:45 - Get fitness in as early as possible

09:40 - It doesn’t have to...

Feb 17, 2020

In this episode, we are going live from Orange County as Miranda and Julian celebrate their 2nd anniversary, spend quality time with Knox before #BabyB arrives, and meeting up with the Orange County SP Crew!




00:00 - Updates

02:50 -Disneyland

04:45 - Low back tightness

06:45 - Memories with Knox

10:00 -...