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Street Parking Podcast

Aug 15, 2020

This week on the podcast, we get to hear from Alexandra Klein. She is a former CrossFit affiliate owner and coach, a fire wife, and mother of 3 daughters. She shares about the challenges and frustrations with the unexpected cesarean birth of her second daughter and using that experience to inspire, educate and empower herself for the home birth VBAC of her third.


Content Warning: Our desire with this podcast is to share the many different pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences of the people in our community. Therefore the nature of the podcast, although very personal, has what could be sensitive and/or triggering content including, but not limited to, experiences with medical emergencies, loss, miscarriage, PPD and anxiety.



01:53 - Owning and closing a CrossFit gym

02:58 - Finding a new “home” with Street Parking

08:22 - A glimpse of life as a Fire Wife and how Street Parking has helped

15:04 - A Cervadil induction and the hospital birth of her first daughter

16:33 - Finding out that her second baby was breech at 35 weeks

17:59 - Discussing the option of an ECV 

21:20 - Starting contractions for the birth of her 2nd at 38 weeks

23: 15 - Discovering she would have to have a cesarean birth

25:00 - Some of the factors that led to her frustration with the cesarean

28:50 - What is a Gentle Cesarean?

38:50 - Deciding that she would have to get educated and informed for the birth of her third

42:00 - Starting the process of planning a home birth VBAC

47:23 - Taking the Mama Natural Birth Education Class and how informative it was

50:08 - Enjoying laboring the comforts of home while in labor for the birth of her 3rd

58:00 - Feeling the baby drop and her body start pushing

1:06:00 - Feeling empowered after Austyn’s birth

IG Handle: @4mommaklein



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