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Street Parking Podcast

Oct 27, 2020

For this 50th episode, why not talk about consistency. What does it actually mean and in what context? We talk about it so much in the Street Parking community but sometimes it can be really difficult to actually implement and maintain. Consistency is a matter of behavior. It is replacing one pattern of behavior with another. Our behaviors are tied into our emotions, our environment and our relationships. So, something as simple as doing the same thing over and over can become more complicated if we let it. It comes down to making small changes over time and being patient!


01:00 - Breathing 

04:20 - Tim Riggins 

08:00 - Consistency 

13:30 - Eating whatever I want! 

17:30 - The Shift Track 

19:30 - Behavior 

22:30 - Action Item: Behavioral Change 

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