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Street Parking Podcast

Apr 8, 2021

Felicia is a fiercely strong mom, new grandma (aka “Queen”), and a joyful and inspiring athlete and woman. She shares about how becoming a mom helped her learn how to be patient with herself and be more compassionate towards others. She emphasizes the importance of learning to create time for herself, her “me time”, for fitness and self care as an essential part of being the best parent should could be. As a mother of young adult children she is able to look back with some perspective around things she wishes she would have learned a little earlier, while still holding no regrets and being able to take pride in knowing that she did her best. Felicia is full of joy and no doubt you’ll find yourself smiling as you get to know her a little better on this week’s episode!


IG Handle: @sandbagsandbarbells


Content Warning: Our desire with this podcast is to share the many different pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences of the people in our community. Therefore the nature of the podcast, although very personal, has what could be sensitive and/or triggering content including, but not limited to, experiences with medical emergencies, loss, miscarriage, PPD and anxiety.



3:17 - Getting started in fitness 

5:46 - Challenges with being a young mom and managing new responsibilities

12:10 - Learning about herself from by watching her children

13:51 - Making sure to have “me time” for a workout

21:00 - Learning to change her mindset about parenting with her 3rd daughter

28:41 - Feeling a little unprepared for the process of her first birth

35:24 - Wishing she would have known more about home births

44:00 - Viewing parenthood and all of the challenges it brings as a gift

47:48 - Building her own brand and helping women learn to own their lives


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