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Street Parking Podcast

Oct 12, 2020

You might know her from her hilarious and brilliant SP rap skills or from smack talking during the Miranda vs. Julian challenges, this week’s guest is none other than SP OG and fan favorite, Stacey Dalton!  She shares about her struggles with being super uncomfortable during pregnancy, being prescribed progesterone after multiple miscarriages, and the wild ride inductions, epidurals and the birth of each of her two boys.  She’s hilarious and honest and such a breath of fresh air. Tune in for some real talk with “yer girl” Stacey Dalton!

IG Handle: @Stacey stacey_sings_for_sp_swag


Content Warning: Our desire with this podcast is to share the many different pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences of the people in our community. Therefore the nature of the podcast, although very personal, has what could be sensitive and/or triggering content including, but not limited to, experiences with medical emergencies, loss, miscarriage, PPD and anxiety.



01:35 - How she found Street Parking

02:51 - Feeling like a miserable pregnant person

03:24 - 2 miscarriages and being prescribed progesterone 

09:36 - Being induced at 38 weeks and Henry’s birth

18:30 - More on the epidural and episiotomy

25:58 - Pitocin and inducing her second birth

28:31 - Complications with the epidural and needing to turn it off

31:11 - The urge to push

32:33 - Husband needing to sit down and put his feet up during pushing

36:06 - Healing from episiotomy vs. natural tear

36:56 - Intense shaking experience after birth

39:55 - Making sure to get 5 minutes for herself 

42:39 - “He is mad but he is not hurt”

45:21 - The role Street Parking has played in her life as a mom



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