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Street Parking Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

This week’s episode is extra special. Our guest is Gina Paulding-Ransom, a Street Parking OG, SP Mama, and the woman behind “Menopause Mondays.”  Gina is one of the sweetest, most compassionate members of the SP Community and she joins us this week to share about her experience with becoming a mother by birth and by marriage (Hello, Handsome Ransom!) and then she opens up about her current experience with a slightly different but equally transformative stage of life: menopause. 



01:00 - Background in fitness, Crossfit, and finding Street Parking

03:54 - His, mine, and ours - Who her kids are

05:21- Losing her mom at 36

07:35 - Having her first baby 

10:20 - The role fitness played in her pregnancies

16:31 - Strong female friendships supporting her journey into motherhood

19:19 - “The Dream”

26:25 - Her experience with a blended family

31:50 - Navigating menopause

35:12 - Going to therapy, being creative, and practicing mindfulness

47:23 - Dialing back on intensity in workouts

59:21 - The roles Street Parking has played in this stage of life


IG Handle: @ransomclan



Carolina’s Instagram

Street Parking

Street Parking Instagram


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