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Street Parking Podcast

May 9, 2020

Long time Crossfitter and former Games athlete, Ingrid K. joins us to talk about her son's birth story and the hardest pushing she's ever done. She shares about her experience with healing from a cervical tear, the value she found in using the Street Parking SHIFT programming to slowly recover, and how what it means to feel strong has shifted since becoming a mother. 



00:00 - Welcome to the SP Mama’s Podcast

02:38 - Who is Ingrid

05:02 - How her motherhood journey started

09:00 - Lifestyle and Getting Pregnant

13:15 - Taking the BirthFIT Course

15:11 - Going into Labor

46:25 - The Recovery process

52:12 - The role of a Specialist

55:30 - How Street Parking has helped

60:00 - Breastfeeding Issues

63:03 - Learning to be patient with your body


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Street Parking Instagram


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