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Street Parking Podcast

Feb 8, 2021

On this week’s episode, we get to talk to Michelle Brooks, SP Nutrition Coach, mama, and the creator of the SP Women’s Loss and Infertility Support Group. She shares about her struggles with fertility and experience with multiple losses. She opens up about investigating many healthy and not so healthy ways to cope and shares ways that we can all learn to support our community members who have gone or are going through this type of experience. Her story is one of deep heartbreak and even deeper promise and it’s an honor to be able to share some of it with you all.


IG Handle: @mbrooks_fitlife


Content Warning: Our desire with this podcast is to share the many different pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences of the people in our community. Therefore the nature of the podcast, although very personal, has what could be sensitive and/or triggering content including, but not limited to, experiences with medical emergencies, loss, miscarriage, PPD and anxiety.



6:20 - First miscarriage at 6 weeks and subsequent pregnancy

9:59 - Missed miscarriage at 10 weeks

11:48 - Some healthy and not so healthy coping mechanisms

15:24 - Conceiving again and being anxious from the beginning

16:54 - Positive screen for Trisomy 18, another loss, and a D&C

22:32 - One of the worst things you can say about and early miscarriage

24:00 - Further investigating fertility after 3 losses

28:25 - Currently (at time of recording) 34 weeks pregnant 

30:30 - Scaling back intensity of exercise and stress while trying to conceive or early pregnancy

32:53 - Returning to fitness after a loss

34:44 - Creating the SP Women’s Loss and Infertility Support Group

40:00 - Using fertility related mindfulness and meditation tools

43:45 - The impact of SP on her life


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