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Street Parking Podcast

Feb 5, 2023

4 Goals for Street Parking Nutrition & 4 Steps To Success!
“A lifelong nutritional approach should deliver results in our overall health and body composition, fuel our lifestyle, be sustainable, and enjoyable.”

When it comes to nutrition, Street Parking has four goals for our members:

  • Balanced macronutrient intake across protein, carbohydrates, and fat.
  • Encourage eating the healthy, unprocessed foods our bodies are designed to eat.
  • Encourage portions and daily intake that is appropriate to fuel performance and sustain energy levels while providing a positive impact on our overall body composition.
  • Create a lifestyle that is simple, enjoyable, flexible, and sustainable.

In our last blog post “4 Ways to Evaluate Your Nutrition,” we gave you a short quiz you can apply to any diet or way of eating to determine if that approach will work for you at every level. Not just if the approach will deliver results, like weight loss or strength gains, but how it might impact your overall health or whether it is sustainable for the long haul.

  1. How will this approach impact my body composition?
  2. How will this approach impact my overall health?
  3. How will this approach impact my performance?
  4. Is this approach sustainable for LIFE?

In reality, there is no “one right way” to tackle nutrition and check all of the boxes for those four questions. We all have different goals, lifestyle factors, and even food preferences that impact the nutritional approach that we may ultimately choose.

Just as Street Parking encourages “Fitness Freedom” (and therefore offers various types of fitness programs to follow), we believe there is a lot of freedom that can be applied to how we eat.

The following are a few approaches to balance and measurement that we have seen work very well time and time again, and they are SIMPLE and SUSTAINABLE for most people in most situations. For us, this approach to finding precision and plugging in the right foods checks all of the boxes! We encourage you to start with the most basic one first, and over time, work your way through the others.

Chances are just taking the very first and most simple approach — done with consistency — is all you may ever need to find your sweet spot for lifelong health and sustainable results.