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Street Parking Podcast

Feb 12, 2023

"The longer you are consistent, the more it becomes who you are. I don't work out because I'm motivated. I do it because it's ingrained in me. It doesn't have to look pretty. You can be in your PJs, no shoes or socks, half-asleep, but you feel so much better once it's done.”

When it comes to daily habits like brushing our teeth, most of us don't really think about it. We don’t ask ourselves, “Am I going to brush my teeth today? I don't know, I'll decide later.” We just automatically do it. But the same mentality doesn’t always translate to our fitness. Why can finding consistency be so challenging? 

Street Parking founder Miranda Alcaraz recently reached out to SP members who have logged 1,000 workouts or more — those who have found success in building consistency for years — to ask them what advice they would offer to newer Street Parking members. “Newer” members could describe somebody who has just joined Street Parking, somebody who hasn't quite found consistency yet, somebody who fell off and just came back, or anyone who is somewhere along their fitness path and is still working to find consistency. 

These SP members are people with varied backgrounds who have taken the tools from Street Parking and made them work for them. Their responses were as varied as their experiences, but a few themes and pieces of advice emerged.