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Street Parking Podcast

Jan 7, 2023

In this new series, Coach Alex will highlight one of Street Parking’s 60+ Extra Programs. Episode will cover WHO this program is for, WHAT it is, WHY we created it, and HOW to use it and add it in to the daily programming. She will also answer questions from the Street Parking Members Facebook group.

In this episode we talk “5/3/1 Program”. Yet another time-tested and adored powerlifting program has been added to our Strength collection. Originally designed by Jim Wendler, this simple linear program—much like Starting Strength—has been a favorite among powerlifters and is a straightforward way to build strength in the basic lifts. In true Street Parking style, we have set it up so that you can choose to do 1, 2, 3, or all 4 of the lifts….whatever fits YOUR goals and schedule.

Find the 5/3/1 Strength Sessions in TRAIN > EXTRA PROGRAMS > STRENGTH