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Street Parking Podcast

Jan 18, 2021

So, what exactly do the Street Parking coaches do? Perhaps it’s more, or in some cases less, than you might think. In this episode we dive into everything you can expect from your Street Parking coach and what we expect of you! 


01:00 - Breathing 

03:14- What is a Street Parking coach? 

03:30- Guide, Educate, Inspire, Engage

06:30 - We are not salespeople, personal trainers, doctors

14:06- Action Item: Check out our resources!


Coaches’ Instagram:

Jeb Stone: @jebstone

Alex Trahan: @itsalextrahan

Mazie Derrick: @coachahmazing

Seb Felipe: @seb_felipe


What or WHO would you like me to have on the show?

Leave me a message on the hotline 360-524-3313

Or hit me up on IG @jebstone