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Street Parking Podcast

Jan 14, 2022

On the road to a lifetime of consistency - a few “mile markers” and small personal goals may help to keep us interested and always improving.

If you haven’t already read/listened to the first 2 “Unlocked Series” Blog/Podcasts - check those out first!  

Your very first goal should be to develop a habit and make consistency in fitness and health habits your priority.  This means, of course, just moving in SOME way 4-6 days a week for a solid period of time.

After consistency has been established - it’s not by adding more TIME and more workouts into the mix that we see the most improvement.  Instead it’s practicing Intensity. We need to be intentional about the effort we put into each session - and remember duration should NOT be mistaken for effort.

So when IS the right time to add in more workouts - maybe add a Street Parking Extra Program on top of the daily workouts?

Ask yourself these 2 questions…

What are my personal health and fitness goals?

Are you training for something specific - or do you just want to be as fit and healthy as possible to feel great day to day?

What do I have going on in my life right now?

This is a big one.  Life has seasons.  Too often, it’s not the goal that is the problem - it’s the timing of the goal.