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Street Parking Podcast

Sep 17, 2019

On this week’s episode Miranda sits down with Street Parking employee number one - Kim McIntyre. Miranda had asked Kim ahead of time to choose a post that she wanted to talk about today. She chose one on the topic of “Confidence”. Dive into the episode to learn about who Kim McIntyre is, choosing to be uncomfortable to make lasting change, consistency, and many more!


02:35 - Who is Kim McKintyre?

04:20 - Growing up & Sports

07:04 - The Chosen Post: Confidence

12:38 - Options in Fitness

13:16 - You have to be uncomfortable to make change

13:30 - What gave Miranda confidence

13:46 - Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations

16:50 - The More The Nothing Approach

19:46 - Consistency over Doing Over The Top Things

22:47 - It’s Doesn’t Stop

23:45 - Scarcity

25:22 - Everything has a timestamp

33:14 - Do The Hard Things



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