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Street Parking Podcast

Mar 23, 2023

What you can learn from ditching the barbell and training with dumbbells for a month.

Think dumbbells aren’t enough? That you couldn’t possibly achieve your fitness goals with just a pair of dumbbells?

Dumbbells aren't as “cool.”

You can’t lift as heavy with them.

Wouldn’t using just a pair of dumbbells for training get… boring?

We get it. People often underestimate what a pair of dumbbells can do for their fitness and consistency. Using only a single pair of dumbbells just doesn’t seem like it would be enough for anything. 

MOST SP members already know where we are going with this, but let's talk some barbell vs. dumbbell facts for anyone who thinks that dumbbells aren't enough for the kind of training YOU need.

The versatility of a pair of dumbbells is hard to surpass as a training tool. In fact, you can achieve a very high level of strength, endurance, stamina, and coordination by only ever using dumbbells. 

At Street Parking we believe this wholeheartedly, which is why for the month of April, the coaches, team, and community puts our “money where our mouth is” and shows that we believe in our message and program by only using dumbbells for the ENTIRE month. 

We call it “Project April,” an unofficial, yearly challenge for anyone to build confidence in believing that if all you EVER had was a pair of dumbbells, it ABSOLUTELY would be enough.