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Street Parking Podcast

Jan 16, 2021

From the Crossfit Games, challenges with conceiving, and IUI to a complete 180 in her birth plan and making it through the toughest “workout” of her life, Carleen Mathews opens up on this week’s episode of the podcast and tells us about it all. She shares about her experience with changing her identity from an elite athlete to a mother and all of the ups and downs in between. She is honest and vulnerable with sharing her experience with disordered eating and addiction to alcohol and the role that surrounding herself with support and reaching out to others plays in her being able to stay vigilant in her recovery. Carleen is a true inspiration and getting to hear some of her story was such an honor!


IG Handle: @teamcarleen


Content Warning: Our desire with this podcast is to share the many different pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences of the people in our community. Therefore the nature of the podcast, although very personal, has what could be sensitive and/or triggering content including, but not limited to, experiences with medical emergencies, loss, miscarriage, PPD and anxiety.



02:00 - Shifting from competing at the Games to trying to conceive 

09:18 - Grieving her changing identity and loss of intensity

14:04 - Following Street Parking programming for her pregnancy 

18:20 - Finding a Doula and learning about potential options for a birth plan

21:20 - Charlotte’s Birth Story

33:30 - The turning point and tapping into her athleticism during labor

42:46 - Postpartum recovery

53:17 - The ebb and flow of managing her recovery from an eating disorder

1:02:29 - Being a sober mom and being in recovery from addiction to alcohol


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